Village Teacher Goes Back to college

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Ms. Sun educating

The Rural China Education Foundation is piloting an expert development fellowship with regard to rural educators in China. Our first other is Sun Huimiao, former primary school founder, primary and teacher. Ms. Sun is really a 40-year-old native of Houjia Village, Shanxi Province. She only managed to graduate from high school however with her keen sense of children’s emotions and how to connect reserve learning with the real life, she actually is probably the most talented teachers RCEF has come across. Have a look at some of Ms. Sun’s teaching actually in operation beneath!

Right here, Ms. Sun brings students with an investigation of the water pollution and sources in their town.

Whenever she noticed third-grade boys’ desire for snails, the girl helped them transform it into a research project!

RCEF happens to be investing in the woman by sponsoring a good 11-month fellowship for Ms. Sun for more information on management, educational theories, and non-profit work. RCEF assigned the woman a coach to assist her set and achieve her goals for personal and professional development so that she may return to her neighborhood and become an even more effective teacher and educational innovator.

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