The storyplot of Yiling

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Teacher Wang Yanzhen, the RCEF Rural Education Fellow, recently shared the storyplot of a youthful girl she has taught for two years at kunne Xiaochao Primary School in Yongji, Shanxi Province:

Yiling Hao just finished fourth grade. Doing right now, one is struck by her intelligence, outgoingness, as well as self-confidence. However Yiling wasn’t always by doing this. She did not speak up in class and read really slowly, lacking focus. 1 day, Microsoft. Wang’s class see the book Reunion by simply Liqiong Yu. It tells the story of a village girl who looks forward to seeing her migrant worker parents during the Chinese Brand new Year. Microsoft. Wang remembered, “When we finished reading, Yiling mentioned aloud, ‘Teacher, I feel like I’m the woman in the story. ’” In fact , Yiling’s parents are also migrant workers far from house, and she life with her farmer grandma and grandpa.

Each week, Yiling’s category would go for the school library to check out books. At first, Yiling had a hard time selecting a book so Microsoft. Wang paid special attention by recommending books to her and trying to understand what kinds of books she enjoys. It seemed which stories of people along with special powers and mythical worlds appealed in order to Yiling. Since Yiling began to reading more, Microsoft. Wang saw the girl open up in category, even reading a book aloud in front of the entire class with great sensation. She represented the girl group in presentations as well as participated enthusiastically within the poem recitation competition. She even published poems for her lacking parents.

Yiling began to notice things close to her and connect them to the stories. She was particularly moved by the translated stories of Christian Jolibois where the main personality, a hen, dreams big dreams. She wrote about how she dreams regarding eternal life because she doesn’t want people to undergo grief when a loved one dies. She wrote regarding watching a funeral in her own village and just how sad the relatives of the deceased were. Although she could hardly change reality, she and the girl classmates created an “Angel Plan” to make the life of the elderly easier, by talking to them and helping them out with household chores.

In the last two years, Yiling has truly undergone many modifications. She is well informed, brave, clever, responsible, and knowledgeable as well as Ms. Wang reviews she is also closer to her educators.

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