Teaching Research Group Meets at Xiaochao Elementary School

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On October 24, 2013, RCEF Rural Education Innovator Yanzhen Wang, RCEF Consultant Laxian Hu, and three teachers from partner college Xiaochao Elementary School met for his or her third Teaching Research Meeting from the semester.

At the start associated with fall semester, these five rural educators created this professional advancement group to promote various reading activities at Xiaochao Elementary School, ranging from “Read Alouds” to start the day, in order to sustained silent reading mid-day, in order to Reading Classes throughout the week.

At this meeting, the teachers gave feedback on Ms. Wang’s recent Reading Class where she taught Charlotte’s Internet to fourth graders. Ms. Wang started out explaining the particular lesson objectives and flow from the lesson plan, and the teachers helped her to analyze which goals had been met and the students’ performance in class. They felt that her use of a rubric to evaluate class room behavior was a success but improvements need to be made in how she facilitates classroom discussions so that more students can participate.

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