Summer season Camps give Rural Teachers Hands-On Practice

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This summer, RCEF backed summer camps for countryside teachers and children within Shanxi Province. The particular participating teachers originated from rural schools within Shanxi, Sichuan, Anhui, Yunnan, and also Gansu Provinces. The goal was to uncover them to RCEF’s academic philosophy and teaching techniques, which the teachers found fresh and intriguing.

Prior to the summer season camps, staff and also veteran teachers introduced the teaching framework and assisting theories. Then they led the group in hands-on practice, facilitating local children from the surrounding villages to engage in something learning project. One number of children investigated the prevalence of cigarette smoking in their areas and then wear a performance for his or her family members (some of who are smokers) that incorporated skits and art shows that incorporated what they had discovered the health effects of smoking. One more group of children looked into the reading habits and needs of their class mates and made suggestions about how precisely to improve their school collection.

Within the evaluation, teachers said that this type of hands-on training which combined theory along with practice was extremely useful. Ms. Ma Zhongyi from Sichuan Province remarked, “I’ve in no way been at a training like this prior to. Usually there’s just some expert discussing their own experience. Sometimes the individual doesn’t even understand education and has never really put into practice their “expertise. ” These courses allowed us in order to participate in every part. I shifted from being confused and also skeptical at first in creating my own knowing of–and opinions about–service studying. I wish to attend a lot more trainings like this where I can meet individuals who have exactly the same passion and swap experiences. ” Instructor Bi Yunmei through Yunnan Province composed, “We didn’t just learn some teaching methods or techniques, we all learned a completely brand new teaching philosophy. We learned how to take a look at society–to explore and also analyze it and use our own actions to show our strength. I need this type of training, which involves an entire new attitude and dialogue about values. ”

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