Summer Camp in Yunnan Province

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“Smoking is bad for you. ” Kids in China are trained this at school. But what if your local economy if based on tobacco? That’s the reality within Yuxi City, Yunnan Province exactly where our program’s Rural Teaching Fellow, Ms. Huimiao Sun, is currently top a summer camp for children to explore this very topic.

Above: A student requires notes at the harvesting train station

The kids, in levels 3-5, are through poor families who migrated from rural areas to Yuxi City to work. They know that Yuxi manufactures a brandname of cigarettes famous throughout China, but don’t know much concerning the tobacco industry or maybe the health effects of smoking. Rather than preaching from the textbook, Ms. Sun set up an experiential understanding process whereby the kids can contact, observe, and think about the tobacco issue from many views.

Recently they walked via a tobacco field and interviewed farmers about how the crop is harvested and dried out. They continued a greenhouse trip led by professors in the local agricultural college and observed biotechnology tests on tobacco plants to manage pests. Afterwards, they visited the neighborhood Center for Disease Control to learn concerning the negative health effects of smoking and also the government’s tries to phase out economic reliance on tobacco. Tomorrow they will organize their records and do further research to prepare for the debate around the role and impact of tobacco on local society. Ms. Sun will guidebook them to discuss what action they may decide to use inform the others about what they’ve discovered.

This type of place-based, interdisciplinary task is emblematic of the enriching, real-life relevant education that the Rural China Education promotes, with the help of donors like you. Thank you for your support of rural teachers and the innovative teaching tests!

Above: A student shows off his drawing of the tobacco leaf.

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