Starting the New Session

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This specific semester we shall start working together with a new lover university, Dong Wu Xing Primary University . It includes about 130 individuals who live in the nearby village. As of this school there is one period no matter what for leafing through. We will that time to completely students some effective leafing through methods and tactics. With out-of-class time, heading to also give young people more opportunities to accomplish meaningful reading writing then application.

Close to: Curriculum Developer Microsof company. Wang reads a story to young people.

These are actually things our organization did in Sept,:

  • Release students choose what assigned texts they want to study as this raises as well as her interest in reading then writing and lead them to participate more enthusiastically in reading ventures.
  • Definitely storytelling for students then discuss with them subjects that come out of the story. This helps students to learn how to be affected by stories and just have discussion having their childhood friends.
  • Construct a reading environment in the classroom.

In the beginning of November, we will choose deeper in our leafing through curriculum. Bessides cultivating various types of reading abilities, heading to also emphasize leafing through comprehension and life talents in communication and collaboration.

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