Giving and Development: Qikou Rural Collection Conference

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During the summer holiday, three RCEF curriculum developers and I went to Shanxi Qikou to go to a conference upon rural reading education put on by Beijing Brooks NGO and also the organization “Awaiting Spring”. Beijing Brooks NGO acquired set up local your local library in Qikou for several rural primary colleges. The purpose of the conference was to share experiences around the effective usage of libraries for arranging reading activities and enhancing students’ interest and capabilities in reading through.

Above: Rural teachers as well as NGO workers on the conference.

Before Peking University professor Wang Zidan’s speech in order to manage minor libraries, the conference attendees split into 6 small groups to talk about experiences in essential factors of rural library management. These included the environment and appearance of the library, the role from the librarian, the actual influence of the library on family and neighborhood culture, and also the ability of the rural library to advance education within the colleges.

Microsoft. Li Ling from the Green Children Task demonstrated some reading techniques with the cooperation associated with ten students. These included reading aloud as well as facilitating silent reading through. For instance , each kid could only choose two books at any given time. The teacher only suggested towards the child what to read when s/he needed assistance. The lady demonstrated reading picture publications like Rock Soup . These methods and the concept behind literacy circles are all relatively easy to understand and easy for trying out in the classroom.

RCEF additionally shared our reading activities from last semester with the conference participants. The RCEF curriculum developers each learned important things from the conference. Microsoft. Li Xiaochun experienced the methods of library management introduced were useful as they addressed a few of the problems the girl had come across when managing the library at a RCEF partner college. Microsoft. Wang Yanzhen obtained new ideas for reading through activities to test out in her own course.

Through the entire 2 days, I saw how the RCEF curriculum developers participated actively and with excitement in small group discussions with other educators. I saw the way they thought about, and had been attracted to, the given by the actual conference speakers. I had been happy to see that they interpreted the different topics from the conference off their own perspectives as well as connected them to their work in the classroom.

When we talked after a conference occasion, they would naturally bring up how they can use what they’ve learned within their own teaching. RCEF has constantly given staff chances to take study journeys to supplement their own experience with those of others in brand new contexts. Through such interactions, they can be well informed about the exclusive aspects of their own teaching, and at the same time influence other teachers around them.

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