Darkness Wings

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Darkness Wings is really a book concerning the friendship between a young boy and a shadow. Chinese author Tong Xixi prospective customers the readers through numerous adventures in a planet where shadows can fly, laugh, as well as cry. In the end, the particular boy learns that these shadows are actually children who where killed by Japan soldiers within the 1937 Nanjing Massacre. is parked ,

This guide is longer than those we have used in the program in past times. We all gave it to your fourth grade class simply because they already have 1 year’s experience within our program. We all practice basic reading strategies such as identifying primary characters and predicting the particular storyline. Because this is a lengthier book, the majority of the reading is done at home, and course time is more focused on group discussions.

After students completed reading the particular book, we discovered two village survivors of the Japanese invasion to the students to interview. Teachers taught all of them how to do a basic interview plus they brainstormed questions they were most interested in: Do you see any weapons? What about storage containers? Were you afraid when the Japanese soldiers came? Was anyone in the village harm during that period?

Learners used the information they will got from the interviews and wrote their own short stories or perhaps drew pictures.

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