Reading Curriculum: Focused Units

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Through Wang Yanzhen, Curriculum Teacher

Novice two months as we began working with the third graders at Dong Wu Xing Primary College. September was mainly spent raising students’ desire for reading and providing them with time and room to read individually. October was centered on improving their reading through comprehension and their involvement in reading routines.

In October, we made a decision to center each unit around a number of books that had the same theme or even author. This month, we chose books from the series The small Hen Who Wished to See the Ocean through Chrisian Jolibois and books that were all written by Keiko Kasza. Individuals worked in small teams during all routines.

Throughout the activity, the particular teacher asks five questions of different levels tailored to the five learners in each team. Then the learners will read the guide together in their select few and write down their thoughts. They are going to share their views and questions within the small group and other members can provide responses or decoration. After a month of doing this, we found a few changes in learners.

Chen Bokang may be the smallest student within the class. Often fidgeting in his chair, Bokang was afraid to speak in class and didn’t want to keep up with other students’ conversation. Throughout the discussions of the books in the select few, his memebrs of the group all shared their thoughts and helped him or her to understand better. The first time which they had to increase while watching course and promote, Bokang had been brave and confident. His performance created even the students within the viewers applaud!

There are other examples such as this like the silent child Tian Yuhang or even Pei Weihang that is also very peaceful and likes to move a lot in class. After having a month of the reading routines, they understand that every individual in a small group must be taken notice of and also have improved within their ability to pay attention to others’ viewpoints and to integrate to their select few. Even though still aren’t professionals at it in addition to lots of other problems, they at least have the concept of cooperation. We are going to continue to knuckle down with the learners. Over the next month, we are going to continue to solidify the unit’s activities and use it to power small group ways to help students better understand the stories so that they can constantly improve.

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