Mid-Autumn Celebration

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Within September, we taught a unit around the Mid-Autumn Celebration. There were a total number of sixteen course intervals.

The unit included the next series of actions:

  1. Studying and fluently reading a poem related to the Mid-Autumn Celebration.
  2. Learning to collect details from the web.
  3. Organizing information gathered.
  4. Sharing information with other people.
  5. Taking a look at examples of holiday greeting cards
  6. Creating personalized holiday greeting cards.
  7. Displaying and getting feedback upon greeting cards.
  8. Interviewing.
  9. Sharing of interview results.
  10. Writing interview reviews.

By means of these activities, students achieved a basic understanding of how to gather information from the web, the origins of the Mid-Autumn Celebration, related folk stories and customs, and also the different types, wrappings, and manufacturing of moon muffins. Along with gaining this knowledge, students improved their thinking abilities, communication abilities, summarizing and organizing skills, and hands-on implementing abilities.

The largest benefit is that students enjoyed a meaningful Mid-Autumn Celebration. They all created exquisite holiday cards to offer to their family members or teachers. During the interview, they will not only heard bout different kinds of mooncakes and how to get them to, they also compared the product sales volume of different kinds of moon muffins. In the little store across in the school, they will found that 100 kg of simply packaged celestial satellite cakes were sold versus only 50 of the ones with more inticate packaging. This created them realize that the amount of packaging of a moon cake doesn’t invariably help sales and creates a lots of waste.

After discussion, they decided to try and design their own economical but pretty moon cake box. The coming year before the celebration they intend to recommend their design to the bosses of mooncake packaging factories. Some students even planned to spend the Naitonal Day holiday learning how to make celestial satellite cakes in your own home.

The scholars level of enthusiasm was high through the unit but problems also came up that deserve attention. For instance , the majority of students weren’t good at basic pc skills like using a mouse or typing so they had trouble doing internet searches. They had problems working in small groups. New students that just came to the institution this year spoke little or were extremely shy and quiet whenever they did talk.

Most students’ communication skills continue to be weak. When they shared their experiences, they didn’t show complete or talk fluently. When meeting with, they were as well rigid and didn’t inquire follow-up questions. The teachers and I are generally reflecting on these problems now. Within subsequent activities we will add specific styles to address these areas that students have to improve in.

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