Small Librarians at Xiaochao College

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This particular semester, children from Xiaochao Primary School help to manage the institution library. They use policies produced by third- as well as fourth-grade students during a summer service studying project. Prior to the start of faculty, rural educators discussed with the children ways to manage a library. Issue the children anticipated was that younger students would have a difficult time reading labels on textbooks. Thus, they came up with ideas like labeling accounts by color or even numbers instead.

After discussions, students agreed upon using colors in order to label the books as well as spent two days labeling all the books by themselves. Today, the actual 1, 400-book library is open to students 5 days a week to marks 2-6. Each grade gets one day to check out textbooks, and one hour everyday for reading in the library. Student librarians check out as well as reshelf books, watching over other students during library hours. Teachers are only there for guidance. Below are examples of student responses to the library books they’ve go through.

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