Left-Behind Children and Seniors

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Immigration from rural to cities is a very common phenomenon within China. However , when rural older people migrate to cities to work, they often leave behind young kids and elderly mother and father. The far east Day-to-day estimates there are 20 mil “left-behind children” and twenty million “left-behind elderly” within China’s rural places. Their lives and needs were primary of a programs unit for third- and fourth-graders developed with support from the Rural The far east Education Basis.

You can view a video of the educating here: http://www.youtube.com/ruralchina#p/u/2/58iTa7dZxZE.

1st, teachers in two schools within Yongji, Shanxi Province selected age-appropriate books along with a short film to obtain students considering this topic through various perspectives. Then your students interviewed left-behind children and seniors in their areas about problems that they face. Around 40% of the students tend to be left-behind children on their own. They discussed which problems they could personally work on relieving, settling on these 3 issues: academics difficulties faced by left-behind children whose mother and father aren’t home to help with homework, poor personal hygiene, and also the heavy workload of the elderly who must farm the land is to do household chores.

College students thought about the reason for these issues and found that there is much they are able to do to help. They made a decision to form small organizations in each village corresponding up older students with younger students to address the problems. Each team made plans, which includes when and where to fulfill, and selected a group leader to manage coordination. Depending on home appointments, program teachers found that students’ guardians highly approve of this initiative. We will still provide updates within the innovative teaching this program helps to develop!

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