In Remembrance of RCEF Mentor Liu Laoshi

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Liu Laoshi, 1968-2011

We just heard the surprising news of the passing of Liu Laoshi, an excellent friend and mentor of RCEF. Liu Laoshi was a teacher and non-urban development worker who qualified and influenced countless village leaders and university students in The far east.

Liu Laoshi played an invaluable role in helping RCEF learn about rural The far east. He was main individuals we talked to who expressed a coherent vision for rural development in China and he introduced us to many great people who were instrumental in shaping our understanding of civil society and rural development work. Liu Laoshi’s viewpoint and spirit any deep influence upon us and was a major inspiration inside our deciding to do something to join as well as support the rural renovation movement. of individuals

During the trainings and also the village trips all of us participated in with the pup, he always forced us to acquire more information, end up being humble, and stay disciplined. They stood for example and trainer, urging and guidance young people to make use of their scholarly understanding and research skills to go to rural locations and learn concerning the realities there although collaborating with rural locals to make enhancements. Because of his personal commitment and unflagging work ethic, he was able to encourage and move to measures many in China as well as in another country.

In fact , his influence reached deeper compared to the level of measures. Many adolescents have questioned as well as rethought their values as well as relationship to society caused by their particular interactions with the pup, a feat which few educators can attain. With his resilient personality and great resolve, Liu Laoshi may have done much more great things. We are unable to believe he is removed, but are restored in our commitment to carry on the particular values that he offered. We hope the network of people that are already influenced by simply Liu Laoshi will continue building around the work that he devoted his everyday life to be able to.

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