Yearly Statement 2010-2011

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RCEF offers our 2011 Annual Statement which describes our operate the 2010-2011 college year.

Our major project in 2010-2011 was spinning off a domestic Chinese non-profit organization to strengthen and develop RCEF’s operate Yongji, Shanxi State. Referred to as Starfish Countryside Youth Cultural Research Center , this domestic Chinese NGO is run by former RCEF Chinese staff and RCEF-trained teachers. We are capable to share the remarkable work they are doing in the following pages.

RCEF also spent the year outlining and sharing our educational experiences from three years in rural universities. We gave a series of presentations to other NGOs and non-urban teachers and produced the RCEF Assistance Learning Handbook which demonstrates how to incorporate academic learning and meaningful service to the community.

Thanks to your assistance and interest in RCEF’s function. With your help, we can carry on and invest in instructor training and professional advancement that is so necessary to improve the quality level of education in non-urban Tiongkok.

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