About Us

During the year, China Zigen’s village education development and promotion committee
supported the theme “Human-Centered Sustainable Development”. The theme continued its efforts
to help China’s multiple underprivileged regions; focused its support for specific local groups. It
continues to support the slogan: “the school is the center, the village is the platform” because it helps
to communicate between school and village. In which the entire community participates in developing
a model; built a foundation from the grassroots level; and created different projects suitable for local

During this year, we continued to support village education. It was the most important area of funding, in which we offered tuition supplements and scholarships for elementary, junior high, high school and college–especially for boarding school students who benefited from a better quality of life. We noticed that, with limited funds, the students’ basic needs could be easily met and their educational experience improved greatly. We simultaneously developed value added trial projects for experiment and demonstration. These projects can lead to greater expansion.

Through its projects and sponsorship, China Zigen has helped to revitalize village communities. The emphasis of Zigen projects is to satisfy a community’s basic needs while also improving the environment. From 2009, we began our trial of “one village, one school” projects, which involved the interaction between village and school. Projects were well received and drew widespread attention from all parties concerned. In 2010, the “one village, one school” model went one step further. The scope of the project was expanded and the nature of the projects diversified, becoming more tailored to suit each community’s particular needs.

The “one village, one school” projects continue to be a success, which underscores the fact that Zigen’s long-term emphasis on basic education, adult education, hygiene, living conditions, and the environment has borne fruit. At the same time, Zigen has assiduously strived to ensure the projects are well-run, adequately funded, and involve grassroots participation.

With “the school is center, village is platform” and “one village one school” models, the city workers’ community center has undertaken multiple training and strategic projects.  Zigen also encourages collaboration with all levels of society to work jointly on public welfare projects–including reading, after school programs, environmental awareness education, volunteering, public education and etc.

We also aim to streamline our efficiency when we execute our projects. We take extra care to bring forth new ideas, test collaboration with different government levels and non-government organizations (NGOs), work jointly with many groups, and provide capital to support the projects. To maintain an even allocation of funds for public welfare projects, we place emphasis on south and north traditional projects sites. We run ongoing projects in Sichuan, Yunnan, and the other western China regions—developing and expanding our projects in both scale and subject variety. We also encourage experimentation with projects to see what works in each individual case, and we encourage open communication among the regions and different cities.


Message from the Director

Pat Yang
Head Visionary
Zigen is a bridge connecting many outsiders wishing to engage in public welfare work, enabling them to go directly to the grassroots, directly contact the poorest people and understand their needs, identify problems and collectively designing solutions and creative project content.

Today and Tomorrow

At the Zigen office in Queens, New York, a group of Zigen volunteers were working intensely because the newsletter was about to be published. Among these volunteers, the youngest was not yet 20, and the oldest was approaching 80; they were preparing to package the newsletters for mail delivery, and I clearly see that the world is so large and yet it is so small, it is truly a “global village”. A group of people, separated by thousands of mountains and waters but united by a concern for people in poverty, because of Zigen walked together for a common goal, little by little, over the long term and silently doing many small thing for this common goal. This goal is the hope that our future world can be more just, sustainable and peaceful.

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