Zigen means ‘nourish the roots’.
Since 1989, our mission has been to promote educational, social,
and economic development in impoverished areas of China.

Basic School Education
Enabling Basic Education is the Key
Basic education has been the focus of the Zigen Fund since it was established in 1988. In the past eighteen years, Zigen has been able to provide more than 80,000 scholarships to students from over 200 villages … READ MORE

Extra-Curricular Activities
Providing an Environment of Learning
Zigen has provided funding for extracurricular activities such as local arts and music and handicrafts programs. Until children are presented opportunities in music, sports, and other activities, they do not have the challenge to show natural talent. READ MORE
Improved Health Care
There is a desperate need for village clinics
The Zigen Fund supports paramedical training programs in remote rural areas. Zigen has also supported the construction of village health clinics, providing villagers with access to health care and medicine, as well as supported rural health worker and midwives training programes. READ MORE
Environmental Improvements
Teaching the villagers to support themselves
Environmentally-Sound Technologies: Promote sustainable socioeconomic development to improve the livelihood of villagers. In 2009, Zigen supported the construction of wood-conserving stoves for 90 households in Guizhou. It reduced the amount of wood used, protected trees, and reduced women’s burden. READ MORE

Improving Rural Life

Improving Rural Chinese Schools & Villages

Improving Schools & Villages
Zigen continues to support the slogan: “the school is the center, the village is the platform” because it helps to communicate between school and village.

Train the Trainer:  Teacher Training

Teacher Training
“New Concept Rural Teacher Training Program” includes: encourage classroom participation; focus on communications between educators and trainees; adopt small-classroom teaching; encourage trainees’ participation.

One Village - One school program in Rural China

One Village – One School
Zigen also encourages collaboration with all levels of society to work jointly on public welfare projects–including reading, after school programs, environmental awareness education, volunteering, and public education.

Working together in rural China

Working Together is Key
We hold the belief of mutual respect, equality, participation, mutual support, and self-sufficiency. Rural Chinese want to work together and help each other for the common good.

The Villages Need Your Support!

It takes money to implement the programs and monitor the outcome. The Zigen Fund pays particular attention to project monitoring. As well as regular monitoring by local staff, overseas members and supporters pay their own way to travel to China and inspect project sites.

This helps to further the goals and programs of Zigen. As our supporters are able to see what their donations are accomplishing, we have found that our supporters increase their help, and encourage us to do more. Here is how you can donate to The Zigen Fund:

1. By Check: PREFERRED

Print out the membership form. Fill it out.
Make your tax-deductible donation check payable to The Zigen Fund. Mail the membership form and your donation check to
The Zigen Fund
213-37 39th Ave., Suite 355
Bayside, NY 11361

2. By United Way

Zigen Fund is a registered non-profit organization the United Way. We encourage you to direct your donations to the Zigen Fund's registered id: Tri-State United Way (N.Y., N.J., Conn.): 017103

ZIGEN: A Registered 501C(3) non-profit (EIN Tax ID: 13-3518873)

Striving to Make a Difference

Rural Chinese Need Quality Healthcare

What about Health Care?

Our projects have helped provide medical equipment for local clinics and disseminated information on health issues. We also partnered with local officials to implement the project “deliver health into schools and farms” in the county’s boarding schools. In Guizhou province, we implemented informational campaigns on women’s health. Zigen is making enroads into Health care.

What about Gender Equality?

Zigen has long focused on gender equality and the promotion of equal rights and opportunities for
women in rural villages. The women’s activities group that was founded in 2009 is a good example of
projects that focus on and support women. Members of Zigen’s women’s activities group are village
women in their thirties, many of whom were once students sponsored by Zigen.

Is Zigen teaching self-sufficiency?

Yes, The members of the activities group used seed capital and zero-interest loans from Zigen to purchase sewing machines, zigzag sewing machines, embroidery machines, and other equipment. The items they create are sold at the local store and all profits are equally shared among the members.

From Those We Help

Dear Zigen Fund:

My name is Ma Lao Chung, … father of the second grade student, Ma Jian Xiong at the Rong Jiao High School, Shan Xi Province, Shi Lou Region, Long Jiao Village. Ten years ago, I took out a loan with the local trust bank of ten thousand yuan to start a pig farm and a noodle factory. In ten years, my debt exceeded eighty thousand. This year, livelihood was exhausting. The money earned could barely sustain the family’s subsistence and any surplus was swallowed by the loan shark.

Nowadays, speaking of children attending school is just empty talk. With no money, my eldest son quitted
early in middle school. My daughter passed the entrance examination for Lu Liang Special High School. Her uncles and aunts scraped up barely enough money to put her through just the first year. We don’t know where next year’s tuition will come from; she’s facing the prospect of losing education then.

For second son, Ma Jian Xiung, I have arranged a child worker position. Then the school notified me: the Zigen Fund had set up an assistantship waiving my son’s school fees. That brought torrents of long suffering tears flooding down my old face; I was profoundly moved. Thus I readied his book bag and took him to school. You have delivered us “an umbrella in the rain, coal in the snow”. It is like the long drought-stricken seedling receiving sweet dew, or one stranded in distant land meeting an old friend. You have brought a child facing loss of education back to school. For this I extend to you my deepest gratitude as well as my best regards.